Historical Fiction Reviews

All titles listed alphabetically by surname and may be cross-listed on other index pages.

Allen, Anne – The Betrayal 

Boyle, David – The Berlin Affair

Brussel, A. M. – Alone at War 

Burns, Allie – The Lido Girls

Burnside, Heather – Born Bad

Campbell, Will – Sometimes the Darkness

Chin Yoke, Selina Siak – When the Future Comes too Soon

Correa, Armando Lucas – The German Girl

Ellen, Linda – Her Blue-Eyed Sergeant

Escobar, Mario – Auschwitz Lullaby

Evans, Natalie Meg – The Secret Vow

Fein, Louise – People Like Us

Gandar, Susan – We’ve Come to Take You Home

Gauche, Katheryn – Conspiracy of Lies

Haynes, Gary – The Blameless Dead

Helgason, Hillgrimur – Woman at 1,000 Degrees

Hewitt, Jason – Devastation Road

Ibbotson, Julia – A Shape on the Air

Iturbe, Antonio – The Librarian of Auschwitz

Jenoff, Pam – The Lost Girls of Paris

Jenoff, Pam – The Orphan’s Tale

Kelly, Julia – The Light Over London

Kiem, Elizabeth – Orphan, Agent, Prima, Pawn

Kimberly, John – In Her Sights

Kummerow, Marion – War Girl Ursula

Lane, Soraya M. – Hearts of Resistance

Masih, Tara Lynn – My Real Name is Hannah

Matthews, Mimi – The Lost Letter

McMaster, Kathryn – Blackmail, Sex and Lies

Michaels, Sam – Trickster

Morrill, Stephanie – Within These Lines

Morris, Heather – The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Nickson, Chris – The Leaden Heart

Nickson, Chris – The Molten City

Nickson, Chris – The Tin God

Nickson, Chris – Year of the Gun: A Lottie Armstrong Mystery

Pearl, Sydelle – Wordwings

Porter, Eleanor – The Wheelwright’s Daughter

Remmer, James – Out of Mecklenburg

Rhys, Rachel – Dangerous Crossing

de Rosnay, Tatiana – Sarah’s Key

Sanchez, Melinda Sue – The Fisherman’s Daughter

Schabowski, Carly – The Ringmaster’s Daughter

Simmons, John – Spanish Crossings

Skeslien Charles, Janet – The Paris Library

Smith, Wilbur and David Churchill – Courtney’s War

Sowards, A. L. – Defiance

Tenabe, Karin – The Diplomat’s Daughter

Thynne, Jane – Solitaire

Turpin, Andrew – The Last Nazi

Wein, Elizabeth – Rose Under Fire

White, Daisy – Before I Left

White, Daisy – Before I Found You  

Wiltcher, David – Loyalty: Secrets

Wise, Ellen Marie – The Life She Was Given