Review Policy

I do not, nor will I ever, accept payment for reviews and/ or content posts. Affiliate purchase links may be included on some posts. All opinions are my own.

What genres of book do I accept?

I have wide and varied reading tastes, but some of my preferred genres include:

  • YA (almost all genres)
  • Historical Fiction, particularly WWI and WWII Fiction
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • General/ Literary Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Fantasy (and some Sci-Fi)
  • Mystery & Thrillers

Please note: I do not accept romance/ erotica for review. All this to say, romance is a real, valid, and legitimate genre (just like comic books are real books)! But, I would not be the advocate you want or need to champion these books – and they deserve champions.

What formats do I accept?

By and large my preference is for physical books. I tend to read faster, remember better, and am much more engaged when I have a tactile object in my hands. However, I can and do accept eBooks and in Kindle, .Mobi and ePub formats.

Feedback times and places

It typically takes between 8-12 weeks for me to read and review a book depending on what I have on my plate already. I do work a full-time job, so my blogging has to be worked around that. However, I provide feedback on every item that I read through MiniMac Reviews, Goodreads, and Twitter. If provided through NetGalley, feedback will be left there as well.

What happens if I don’t like a book?

If I don’t enjoy a book in which a copy was provided in exchange for a review, I will get in touch to see how you would like to proceed. If you’d like a review anyways, I will absolutely give one, but more often than not I will offer a content feature such as an interview, guest post, or extract instead. I’m here to spread the love, not the negativity.

Making a review request

The best way to get in touch is trough the contact page of MiniMac Reviews. I promise to respond to every review request, even if it is to tell you that I am not interested or am fully booked at the moment.

If you are requesting a review for a specific date, please allow 6 weeks for me to read and review your book. Shorter time periods can been accommodated, but not always so please try to allow as much time as possible. If a book is not received in time, I will contact you to see if you would like to reschedule or if the review will become part of the standard rota.

Other ways to be featured on MiniMac Reviews:

Do you have a book that’s either about to be published, or that has been published in the past few months, that needs an extra boost? Want to share a little more than the basic info and links? No problem, we can add in a little content!

Content I’ll happily share:

  • Guest Posts
  • Extracts
  • Q&As/ author interviews
  • Book Trailers
  • Author Spotlights
  • Giveaways

If you are requesting a book spotlight or content feature, please be sure to include a brief synopsis of your book and indicate which type of feature you would like when filling out the contact form.