Crime & Thriller Reviews

All titles listed alphabetically by surname and may be cross-listed on other index pages.

Aegisdottir, Eva Bjorg – The Creak on the Stair

Ashdown, Isabel – Lake Child

Broadribb, Steph – Deep Dark Night

Brolly, Matt – The Controller

Davies, David Stuart – Blood Rites

Edwards, Megan – Full Service Blonde

Ford, M. J. – Keep Her Close

Ford, Nicola – The Hidden Bones

Ford, Nicola – The Lost Shrine

Fortin, Sue – The Dead Wife

Gibney, Patricia – No Safe Place

Hill, M. K. – The Bad Place

Jackson, David – Your Deepest Fear

Jonas-Hill, Sophie – Nemesister

Mace, Lorraine – Rage and Retribution

Maher, John – The Collector 

March, Maxwell (Margery Allingham) – The Man of Dangerous Secrets

Michaels, Sam – Trickster

Morton Potts, Jenny – Hiding

Nickson, Chris – Year of the Gun: A Lottie Armstrong Mystery

Nickson, Chris – The Leaden Heart

Nickson, Chris – The Molten City

Nickson, Chris – The Tin God

Otis, Lloyd – Dead Lands

Penny, Val – Hunter’s Secret

Redmond, Patrick – The Night Visitor

Riley, Mary-Jane – Dark Waters

Russell, Leigh – Rogue Killer

Ryan, Desmond P.  – 10-33 Assist PC

Ryan, Desmond P.  – Death Before Coffee

Ryan, Desmond P.  – The Man at the Door

Turpin, Andrew – The Last Nazi

Wesley, Jo – Simon Says

White, Daisy – Before I Left

White, Daisy – Before I Found You

White, Robert – Breaking Bones

Wyer, Carol – The Birthday

Wyer, Carol – The Last Lullaby

Wyer, Carol – The Missing Girls

Young, Neila – Brewing Up Murder