Big Changes, Small(er) Living

Hello my fellow book nerds,

I feel like I owe you an explanation. I haven’t posted in just over a month, and in that time I read a grand total of only 5 books! Obviously, this isn’t my normal. And for some reason I feel like I’ve let you down. But, I have a long winded story and some pictures to make up for it.

img_3119You see, the fellow and I have been looking to leave the city behind and move out to the country for a fair few years, and starting in August everything started to fall into place. Naturally, this didn’t go smoothly – because when does it ever?! We put an offer on a place, it was accepted and we were over the moon. So, we listed our house, cleaned like mad and started accepting showings. But, just a few days later they accepted a backup offer, and we withdrew as they wanted us to firm up whilst foregoing all inspection – BIG RED FLAG. Turns out walking away was the best thing we could have done as we heard from the final buyers who shared some horror stories of asbestos ceiling tiles, a cracked foundation, an unportable well, and defunct septic system. We were lucky to get out when we did!

But, that doesn’t change the fact that we had listed and stared showing our house. And to make things even more dramatic, within 48 hours of withdrawing from the first property, we had accepted on offer on our house in the city – WITH A 30 DAY POSSESSION. What in the world were we thinking?! So, cue the packing, cue the panic. Because here we are approaching fall when the acreage market is soft with nowhere to go. Somewhere, somehow, in the heavens the stars aligned. Because 5 days later our dream property (that had been conditionally sold earlier in the summer) suddenly came back on the market. We went, we saw (the view pictured below), we offered on the spot…. and settled on an even shorter possession day than the one our home, only 17 days away.


WTF were we thinking?!

I can tell you exactly what we were thinking. We were thinking it would be best to get moved in before semester kicked into full gear at the university where I work. We were thinking we wanted out of the city so bad and that we didn’t want to hear emergency sirens at night anymore, that we didn’t want to pay the 3.5% increase in our already ridiculous property taxes, and that we were tired of dealing with Dragon-Lady across the laneway.

Oh, and did I mention that my fellow works Shiftwork away? Yeah, one week at camp, one week at home. Of those 17 days before we moved, he worked 14. My brain hurt. But I packed the entire house in just under three weeks, arranged movers, cleaners, and an army friends and we hit the road to head an hour south.

img_3080But first we had to paint (I did all of that), move two walls (he handled that), repair some shoddy drywall and plaster work, remove oodles of barbed wire fencing (thanks mom & dad!), ran electrobraid and installed gates to make the property horse safe. And the work isn’t done yet either, we still have baseboards and trim to replace, we just finished installing 5 out of 8 needed light fixtures last night, we need to rewire some of our switches because we have no clue what they’re attached to, I am halfway through installing the built-in desk and shelving in my office.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s all been worth it though, and were delighted to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Our views are killer, the nights are quiet, and I am finally getting back to reading at my regular rate. Tomorrow I will be taking part in the blog tour for the fabulous paranormal mystery The Night Visitor by Patrick Redmond, and have reviews ready to go for My Real Name is Hannah, Crush, and The Gilded Wolves. It might take a little while for me to figure out this new balance, but I promise I’ll get there eventually.


Love you my nerds, and I’ll be back at it tomorrow!



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