I’m baaaack… ish


Fellow booknerds and bloggers, I am so sorry for my prolonged time away!

I wasn’t planning on a blogging break, but it seems that life demanded it. Sometimes life gets crazy (painting the house, husband was having kidney issues, family events, and the list goes on) and then, and Murphy’s law dictates, even more gets thrown at you! You see, in the past 5 weeks I was offered a position as a university librarian, couldn’t nail down a start date, almost gave up on starting this amazing new contract, and then the best thing ever happened – the University came back after weeks of radio silence and offered a full time position. My friends, we are going from three jobs down to one! SO much excitement, but my brain has been a little far from books and blogging while all of this was going on.

I managed to read a pile of books while I was away on holibobs, and now have a few weeks of scheduled fun. I promise it will be an eclectic mix of YA, fantasy, crime, historical fiction, and graphic novels. Plus, I came home from holidays to a pile of book post and an absolute TON of approvals on NetGalley – my TBR has never been more loaded.

I might be a little flakier than normal with a month of rapid changes, but I am sure as I settle back into academia and a regular schedule I’ll soon figure out a new normal for regular posts and a pace on the blog.

Thank you again to everyone who shared, liked, mentioned and retweeted my posts while I’ve been away – the book love is greatly appreciated!

Love you my nerds, and I’ll be back at it tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “I’m baaaack… ish

  1. Oh my gosh, Congratulations on the new job! In in the book industry, but on the publishing side. I’d much rather be working hands on in a store or a library. Kudos to you, because it’s so amazing. 🙂

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