Spring Break, Holibobs, and tackling the TBR

Happy Easter my fellow book nerds! And for those that don’t celebrate, I hope you’re enjoying a few extra days of me time!

As of tonight I’m going to be off line, with the exception of a scheduled post on April 2 for the Chris Nickson Tin God blog tour. I’d like to thank anyone who shares this post in advance, and promise that I will catch up on my thank yous and shares when I return on April 9th.

I’m off for my first beach holiday in almost 3 years, as family has taken up almost all of my vacation time this past little while – so bring in the sunscreen, margaritas, and reading on the beach!

And while my blog and twitter might be quiet, I hope to take a hefty chunk out of my TBR! I’m bringing with me Beetlebrow, A Girl Like Me, Dream Vault, The Ocean Between Us, Bright and Distant Shores, Dark Waters, The Berlin Affair, and many more. I also tend to frequent to pool-bar book exchange, and will likely grab a few titles from there as well – simply because I prefer reading from paperbacks on the beach.

I promise a much more consistent month or two in April/ May as I will have oodles of posts pre-written and scheduled. My goal is to have a more even balance between WWII fiction, YA lit, and crime thrillers rather than reading and reviewing in chunks.

Love you my nerds, and I’ll be back at on the 9th!



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