Welcome to the New Year

Hello all!

Thank you so much for your patience with my long silence over the holidays – I do tend to unplug and unwind for these two weeks. I am still on the road for another few days so there wont be much more than a touch of Twitter sharing until after the 5th, but I promise that I’m still here and that I haven’t forgotten about you!

In the next day or so I promise to announce the winners from the Giveaway for John Simmons’ Spanish Crossings hardcovers. I have all of my names collected and ready, but have been waiting for reliable internet before running them through a random selector and then going about notifying the winners and collecting posting information. With any luck I will be getting this done tomorrow.

Beyond that, I have been reading a ton and have a whole pile of reviews lined up for the month come including Woman at 1000 Degrees, Sentinel, and Exposition. And let’s not mention the fabulous line up for blog tours in the first quarter – so exciting!

I can’t wait to get back at it, and am looking forward to another wonderful year. Thank you my book nerds, you are the best!



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