#ShortStory #Review: Soul Siphon by T. L. Branson #YALit

Today I thought we’d do something a little different and review a short story. I really enjoy shorter pieces, but always struggle with trying to fit them into my TBR schedule, so I was absolutely delighted when T. L. Branson approached me for a review. And if this baby is any indication of the what Branson’s upcoming novel Soul Render is going to be like, I think we’re in for an action packed treat!

soulTitle: Soul Siphon

Author: T. L. Branson

Publisher: T. L. Branson

Publication Date: September 29, 2017

Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teens & YA

Themes: Magic, Rival Kingdoms, Greif, Quests

Features: N/A

My Rating: 4/ 5


From Goodreads…

Alexander Drygo, king of Sunbury, is reeling from the loss of his wife. Despite his best efforts using an incredible power, she is no longer among the living.

When a rival kingdom seeks to take advantage of this delicate time in Drygo’s life, he is thrust into a battle for the future of his kingdom.

Can he save his people where he could not save his queen?


My Review

At just 5000 words anyone, and I mean anyone, has the time to fit this story into their reading schedule. Not only are we offered an in depth look into the character traits of Alexander Drygo, there is so much world building and plot foreshadowing that I was left immediately checking the release dates on the upcoming novel.

What stood out the most however, was the unique magic system that seems to seems to form the backbone of the narrative. The concept of soul manipulation is one that I have always been drawn to as a YA and Fantasy reader, and while there are echoes of other works, Branson’s systems has all the working of something entirely new and exciting.

The premise of Drygo’s quest is one that has me wanting to know more, his grief makes me relate to him as character, and high-level action makes the story as a whole easy to read. In the writing itself there is just enough detail to get a clear picture of everything that is going on (especially the gore of the battles), but not so much detail that you get lost in explication.

As a promotional piece for Soul Render this baby has certainly done it’s job! I can’t wait for the novel to come out, and I highly recommend that any other lovers of YA fantasy, or even just high fantasy in general jump on board because the way things are looking this is going to be quite the ride.


Many thanks to T. L. Branson for providing an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.


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